Online Gaming Culture

I stopped playing games online except with my IRL friends a LOONG time ago. It’s not fun unless you like 12 year olds shouting racist and homophobic slurs in your ear constantly.

that said, I think that’s more “online gaming” culture. I think “games culture” is still a real, mostly positive, thing. I also don’t think online gaming is totally irredeemable, I don’t play MMOs but lots of my friends do and those seem to be a lot less abusive. I think that it comes down to no built in voicechat. Typing out slurs is far less common and you’re just a click away from ignoring them, so unless you choose to join random raid voicechat, you’re pretty safe.

ME3 was the last console game I really played online, and it seemed to be the only one without a horrible community. Every other game I played was always filled with people just screwing around and griefing and cursing, but I developed some pretty good online relationships from ME3.

Nothing duplicates the feeling of just hanging out with friends in the same room and playing though.

To me, the true “gamer culture” is all the amazing cosplay, music, comics, writing, and other fanart that games inspire.

There’s nothing cultural about a bunch of Dorito-flavored asswipes shitting up a chat channel, forum post, or comment section with their worthless, slur-laced opinions.

Geek Culture

I think it needs to be reiterated that ‘Geek Culture’ is a marketing Fad.

The very concept of a culture being ‘geeky’ means it has high barriers of entry – it requires you to devote a lot of time and commitment to it, which most wouldn’t do, hence the idea that those who do are ‘geeks’

Now everyone just got on the bottom rung of ‘geek culture’ and dragged it down to their level. Shows like the Big Bang Theory invented an idea in the public mind’s eye as to what Geek Culture is.

Video games became much easier, with mass market appeal, ‘hardcore’ nerd stuff like D&D or whatever took a backseat, but their ideas and mechanics were used in more consumer friendly products. Now you’re left with stuff like TBBT as a representation of ‘geek’ culture because they occasionally say the word ‘Nintendo’ or ‘Processor’

Those of us who’ve been playing stereotypically geeky games with stereotypically geeky hobbies since before Catan was a thing are completely unrepresented in geek culture.

In a strictly cultural meaning, I agree. I didn’t play Warhammer 40k as a teenager because I wanted plaudits from my peers or because a show like TBBT name-checked Games Workshop, I did it because I thought Space Marines were awesome and I wasn’t bothered about football or other sports.

Today, programmers are not strange extremely skinny/fat guys with eyeglasses, living in basement, working in total solitude. Not anymore. Generations are growing up with the programming mindset.

But it doesn’t apply only to programming. Programming is just an often typical trait of the geek archetype, at least in fiction.

Gamer Wedding

The wedding is for the couple getting married, not the guests.

That said if you feel like throwing a nerdy gamer wedding then you might as well do it. People have all types of weddings, I am not a cowgirl by any means but when my friend held a rustic wedding I was totally fine with it. Even though the music made me cringe and the whole atmosphere wasn’t so much my thing.

So when it was time for us to get married, we knew that we were just going to host the wedding that we enjoyed. It would be something fun and relaxed. And sure, maybe we would cringe looking back at it in twenty or thirty years.

But then maybe not.

Honestly I thought the general nerd culture “theme” was better than focusing in on one specific property. Instead mix and match the nerd stuff so that there is something there which at least everyone will get.

Of course it’s still a wedding.

There are also a lot of ways to style your wedding invitation when you don’t focus on a specific topic. For example, you could do something fun and kinda retro for the invitation that maybe doesn’t fit with the other aspects of the wedding. For example, we had ninjas as best men. It sounds sort of crazy, but they didn’t wear the masks, they were more like elegant ninjas with that head band thing and the black of their costumes with the white highlights looked great. When it was combined together. My maids didn’t want to be maidens, so I just dressed them in fire engine red dresses. It looks alright. But I would have prefered maidens. Battle maidens. But I can also understand why they weren’t into the idea. It sort of felt like I couldn’t really ask them to either, I mean if they would feel embarrassed and out of place, you don’t need to do that to people. You just don’t. If you wanna throw a themed party, do that. Don’t make everyone who cares about you sit through your nerdy fantasy just because you can afford it. It’s the same thing as ultra-religious dry weddings, but on the other end of the uncomfortable spectrum.

If you’re forcing all guests to do stuff, then yeah that isn’t cool. But if it’s just how you dressed and some of the decoration they shouldn’t throw a hissy fit over it. Trust me, some will, they always do. Their is no pleasing everybody. Make an attempt to be good hosts, but then stop. Don’t worry about the guest. It isn’t about them.

Because, I am not aware that we required to have people attend our wedding. You invite people and they showed up. If you aren’t certain it will work with your larger pool of acquaintances just do it among friends who really enjoyed it and share your interests, chances are, your families will get a kick out of it.

If you can’t indulge them having the wedding they want, then you’re not a true friend anyway so who gives a shit?

In the end it isn’t about the catering, the ceremony, or the reception. It isn’t the amount of money that you spent. Or the rest of the trappings that go along with it. The decision to get married, in my opinion, is the biggest moment of a wedding. Nothing is more beautiful than when you realize the person you’re with is the person you’d spend the rest of your life with – and that person feels the same.

Gaming At A Discount

I tried Guacamele briefly because my friend praised it. I played through normal mode and it was a great and really fun 10 hours. I can definitely recommend that. I don’t think it has that much replayability since you loose all of your hardearned skills when starting a new game, but normal mode was great nonetheless. I am usually not a big fan of sidescrollers, but this one really got to me.

Helldivers. So. much. fun. I have played this game over 100 hours. Mostly with my husband though. The game is great wether you solo or play with others.

The walking dead series from telltale. Amazingly well put together. If you like the tv-show you should consider this.

Metro Redux. Here you get your AAA graphics at an affordable price. I’m not that long into the game yet though. I think I’ve only played it 6 hours, but it’s only because I got caught up with Guacamele.

10 Best Horror Games for PS4

Here you go:

  • Outlast
  • Until Dawn
  • Soma
  • P.T
  • Layers of Fear
  • Last of Us Remastered
  • Lone Survivor
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Resident Evil HD Remaster
  • Among the Sleep

I included Soma but it is not really scary but it is post apocalyptic, psychological and survival horror. The story is really engrossing and will keep you glued to the game. Many mechanics are there in game which the game will not tell you how to use or even if the game tells you, you will have to be attentive. The setting and atmosphere the game creates is amazing.

It is also a short game so you can complete it fast but the first playthrough will take time as you will be searching for stuff and where to go.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation was underrated on release. It’s a superb game.

In terms of achieving what it set out to do there is probably no game its equal. It’s very very intense.

It almost completely matches the atmosphere of the original film. They managed to make the spaceship feel like a real place. Looks beautiful with a particularly impressive use of lighting and smoke/steam. It sounds awesome too.

The Alien looks terrifying and the AI is superb. It reacts to how you play the game. If you keep doing a certain action it learns and adapts to that.

I love the way you can make the alien react to real world noises coming through your microphone. So if you make a noise in real life while the alien is near it will react to that. Also using the playstation camera to track your head movements so you can peek around corners works great.

The one and only downside to the Alien. It’s so good at killing at a point you start to become numb. Especially when you realize when the Alien is hunting areas, the moment you save. You run around like a mad man to scout in front of me, die once or thrice on scouting runs then creep to get through after you have a strong survey.

I can’t fathom what Isolation would be like on an Iron Man Mode.

List of Witcher 3 Mods

Here is my list of mods I highly recommend:


All skills Unlocked

This is to remove that threshold on the skills where you need 20 points to unlock the last skills, while they really are not that good.

Character Overhaul

Basically some tweaks for Geralt. I don’t use everything, but it is more enjoyable.

Quest XP fix

I was really tired getting 5 XP for slaying a dragon. This mod fixes that.

Fixed Loot

Mosters drop a little bit more (specific) loot.

Instant Casting Sign

Best mod ever. You don’t need to equip a sign and then cast it. Now you just press (1-5) and you instantly cast the sign. Really recommend this one since it makes combat a lot more enjoyable.

Wealthy Vendors

Makes merchants have more money so you can sell more stuff to them.

Improved Saddlebacks

Because I hate being overencumbered when countering that smuggler in Skellige.

Better throphies

Because having beaten a nekker should NOT give the same result as killing an ancient Leshen


Console enabler

Pretty straight forward. Enables console for PC.

E3 graphics


Cutscene improvements

It just makes things look better in cutscenes

Better hair-works


Remove grandpa Dandy’s stories

Removes the loading story telling and the intro. I’ve see it enough at this point.

Books after potions

Because I don’t read the books more than once and I hate scrolling

Toggle motion-sickness

To remove that annoying blur/motionsickness effect in Witcher Vision.

Extreme weather

Adds some nice weather-features in the game


There really are a lot of great graphic-mods out there, but I don’t use a lot since I prefer having 60 fps over really nice graphics. Also people seem to complain about the nights being, too bright. It’s true, the nights are quite bright, but to be honest I don’t mind it at all, and it does make some amount of sense that the nights are bright when Geralts mutations should allow his eyes to adjust better than ordinary humans.


Here’s some more mods from my list and I would heartily recommend it to anyone:

  • Better trophies.
  • More transparent main menu.
  • Slots slots SLOTS (increases slots, yay!)
  • REuneEnhanced
  • Relic Weapons redone
  • Parry with torch
  • Over 9000 weight limit mod
  • Lore friendly silver swords 9.Better parries 10.All NPC scabbards. 11.Witcher 3 HD reworked project. 12.MKM Triss beauty mod
  • MKM Ciri beauty mod.

Best Witcher Armor

The best armor are the mastercrafted Feline/Griffon/Bear sets.

The best weapons are the ones with Burning/Bleeding/Poisoning chance as the damage they produce is based off of the total HP of the monster.

If you can find a three rune slot sword with +xx% of Burning, Bleeding and Poisoning, then it will be a good weapon way past it’s level. Hell, even two of these in any combination will be a good weapon for a long time.

I used a level 16 sword all the way until I was level 24 because it had a Bleed and Burn chance that I kept increasing with runes. Every 3-5 swings would put a DoT on the monster.

The Mastercrafted Witcher Gear is only relevant up to level 31. After that, generic gear scales with you while the Witcher gear becomes obsolete. The ursine Witcher gear gives you good tanking armour but sacrifices stamina, griffin gear is a good to give good protection while not sacrificing much stamina, and feline gear is best for low damage absorption but little stamina loss.

Witcher 3 Is Simple, Making it Simply Amazing

It’s funny, Witcher 3’s setting is actually kind of simple, given the breadth of fantasy out there. There are no monsters you haven’t seen before, the magic system’s pretty straightforward, there are few quirks and rules.

But I do agree that the writing is far beyond any other video games and I think it’s because, where every other game says “what you do matters,” Witcher actually means it.

Where other RPGs have basic morality meters that don’t do much except decide which faction you join, what powers you get or who you bang, Witcher just has you make decisions and live with the consequences. There are no neutral choices to maintain balance. Everything you do has a purpose.

Plus, as it turns out, an entire game based on relationships between compelling characters is way more interesting than saving the world from Baddy McBadface for the billionth time.

It also has incredible music.

Ladies of the Woods, Lazare, You’re… Immortal, and O’Dimm’s theme (the main theme of HoS) each have a particular intensity to them and sound utterly haunting – qualities that I find absolutely perfect for the Witcher universe as a whole.

Getting Percival to collaborate on music for this game was by far one of the best artistic decisions CDProjekt Red could have made. It’s so utterly difficult for me to dissociate their sound from this universe now that playing the previous games without their lyrics feels wrong now.

If I had to choose a winner out of all of those songs, Ladies of the Woods all the way.

I liked some of Assassins of Kings’ tracks more than Wild Hunt’s music, but I don’t think I have seen an RPG game use and implement music better than this game.

The entire sountrack is exceptional, but the way its used makes it stand out even more.

  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Aen Sidhe
  • Spikeroog
  • Kaer Korhen
  • Steel for Humans
  • All Gwent tracks

Video Games Can Be Helpful

Video games help you forget your problems is for a little while.

Every time I see those drives to raise money for children’s hospitals or buy consoles warms my heart.

Can I encourage you guys to consider donating to some causes during the next steam sale? Here’s a few I’d recommend:

Gamer specific

A few non-gaming (and I only pick the foundations that meet minimum of “A” grade rating on charity watch organizations, so charities that spend >75% of budget directly to patient care or research and charities that spend less than $25 for every $100 raised.):

Cancer specific

Non-cancer but helpful

Video games seem to have a large impact on the quality of life for people residing in medical facilities. They should be available. Always worth pointing out that you can contact your local hospital to see if they need consoles, games, ect.

Charities are great but they often give the donations to the hospital to own rather than the children themselves.

It all matters. Thanks.