List of Witcher 3 Mods

Here is my list of mods I highly recommend:


All skills Unlocked

This is to remove that threshold on the skills where you need 20 points to unlock the last skills, while they really are not that good.

Character Overhaul

Basically some tweaks for Geralt. I don’t use everything, but it is more enjoyable.

Quest XP fix

I was really tired getting 5 XP for slaying a dragon. This mod fixes that.

Fixed Loot

Mosters drop a little bit more (specific) loot.

Instant Casting Sign

Best mod ever. You don’t need to equip a sign and then cast it. Now you just press (1-5) and you instantly cast the sign. Really recommend this one since it makes combat a lot more enjoyable.

Wealthy Vendors

Makes merchants have more money so you can sell more stuff to them.

Improved Saddlebacks

Because I hate being overencumbered when countering that smuggler in Skellige.

Better throphies

Because having beaten a nekker should NOT give the same result as killing an ancient Leshen


Console enabler

Pretty straight forward. Enables console for PC.

E3 graphics


Cutscene improvements

It just makes things look better in cutscenes

Better hair-works


Remove grandpa Dandy’s stories

Removes the loading story telling and the intro. I’ve see it enough at this point.

Books after potions

Because I don’t read the books more than once and I hate scrolling

Toggle motion-sickness

To remove that annoying blur/motionsickness effect in Witcher Vision.

Extreme weather

Adds some nice weather-features in the game


There really are a lot of great graphic-mods out there, but I don’t use a lot since I prefer having 60 fps over really nice graphics. Also people seem to complain about the nights being, too bright. It’s true, the nights are quite bright, but to be honest I don’t mind it at all, and it does make some amount of sense that the nights are bright when Geralts mutations should allow his eyes to adjust better than ordinary humans.


Here’s some more mods from my list and I would heartily recommend it to anyone:

  • Better trophies.
  • More transparent main menu.
  • Slots slots SLOTS (increases slots, yay!)
  • REuneEnhanced
  • Relic Weapons redone
  • Parry with torch
  • Over 9000 weight limit mod
  • Lore friendly silver swords 9.Better parries 10.All NPC scabbards. 11.Witcher 3 HD reworked project. 12.MKM Triss beauty mod
  • MKM Ciri beauty mod.

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