Video Games Sharpen The Mind

There are different kinds of video-games with more or less mindful/meditative aspects, at least it seems so to me.

Counter-Strike, Dark-Souls, LoL, these games require patience, persistence, vigilance, a cool but awake brain if you want to do well. Daydreaming and distraction does not really serve you here.

In other more grindy games such as runescape, WoW(to an extent), EvE online and other games, simply distraction yourself while playing the game for hours is the way to go. People even make the computers play the game for them.

On the other hand, games might have other things too like social aspects wich introduce a whole new dimension in relation to meditation and its benefits.

It definitely is better than watching TV, NetFlix or YouTube, but even these are totally fine if not taken to the extremes.

With videos games, one is doing a lot of reacting. When we react, we’re not being mindful. You could play a video game in a mindful way, but it’d be very difficult. Video games have more in common with concentration meditation practices than mindful or insight meditation practices.