Geek Culture

I think it needs to be reiterated that ‘Geek Culture’ is a marketing Fad.

The very concept of a culture being ‘geeky’ means it has high barriers of entry – it requires you to devote a lot of time and commitment to it, which most wouldn’t do, hence the idea that those who do are ‘geeks’

Now everyone just got on the bottom rung of ‘geek culture’ and dragged it down to their level. Shows like the Big Bang Theory invented an idea in the public mind’s eye as to what Geek Culture is.

Video games became much easier, with mass market appeal, ‘hardcore’ nerd stuff like D&D or whatever took a backseat, but their ideas and mechanics were used in more consumer friendly products. Now you’re left with stuff like TBBT as a representation of ‘geek’ culture because they occasionally say the word ‘Nintendo’ or ‘Processor’

Those of us who’ve been playing stereotypically geeky games with stereotypically geeky hobbies since before Catan was a thing are completely unrepresented in geek culture.

In a strictly cultural meaning, I agree. I didn’t play Warhammer 40k as a teenager because I wanted plaudits from my peers or because a show like TBBT name-checked Games Workshop, I did it because I thought Space Marines were awesome and I wasn’t bothered about football or other sports.

Today, programmers are not strange extremely skinny/fat guys with eyeglasses, living in basement, working in total solitude. Not anymore. Generations are growing up with the programming mindset.

But it doesn’t apply only to programming. Programming is just an often typical trait of the geek archetype, at least in fiction.