Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation was underrated on release. It’s a superb game.

In terms of achieving what it set out to do there is probably no game its equal. It’s very very intense.

It almost completely matches the atmosphere of the original film. They managed to make the spaceship feel like a real place. Looks beautiful with a particularly impressive use of lighting and smoke/steam. It sounds awesome too.

The Alien looks terrifying and the AI is superb. It reacts to how you play the game. If you keep doing a certain action it learns and adapts to that.

I love the way you can make the alien react to real world noises coming through your microphone. So if you make a noise in real life while the alien is near it will react to that. Also using the playstation camera to track your head movements so you can peek around corners works great.

The one and only downside to the Alien. It’s so good at killing at a point you start to become numb. Especially when you realize when the Alien is hunting areas, the moment you save. You run around like a mad man to scout in front of me, die once or thrice on scouting runs then creep to get through after you have a strong survey.

I can’t fathom what Isolation would be like on an Iron Man Mode.