Video Games Can Be Helpful

Video games help you forget your problems is for a little while.

Every time I see those drives to raise money for children’s hospitals or buy consoles warms my heart.

Can I encourage you guys to consider donating to some causes during the next steam sale? Here’s a few I’d recommend:

Gamer specific

A few non-gaming (and I only pick the foundations that meet minimum of “A” grade rating on charity watch organizations, so charities that spend >75% of budget directly to patient care or research and charities that spend less than $25 for every $100 raised.):

Cancer specific

Non-cancer but helpful

Video games seem to have a large impact on the quality of life for people residing in medical facilities. They should be available. Always worth pointing out that you can contact your local hospital to see if they need consoles, games, ect.

Charities are great but they often give the donations to the hospital to own rather than the children themselves.

It all matters. Thanks.