Online Gaming Culture

I stopped playing games online except with my IRL friends a LOONG time ago. It’s not fun unless you like 12 year olds shouting racist and homophobic slurs in your ear constantly.

that said, I think that’s more “online gaming” culture. I think “games culture” is still a real, mostly positive, thing. I also don’t think online gaming is totally irredeemable, I don’t play MMOs but lots of my friends do and those seem to be a lot less abusive. I think that it comes down to no built in voicechat. Typing out slurs is far less common and you’re just a click away from ignoring them, so unless you choose to join random raid voicechat, you’re pretty safe.

ME3 was the last console game I really played online, and it seemed to be the only one without a horrible community. Every other game I played was always filled with people just screwing around and griefing and cursing, but I developed some pretty good online relationships from ME3.

Nothing duplicates the feeling of just hanging out with friends in the same room and playing though.

To me, the true “gamer culture” is all the amazing cosplay, music, comics, writing, and other fanart that games inspire.

There’s nothing cultural about a bunch of Dorito-flavored asswipes shitting up a chat channel, forum post, or comment section with their worthless, slur-laced opinions.