Gaming At A Discount

I tried Guacamele briefly because my friend praised it. I played through normal mode and it was a great and really fun 10 hours. I can definitely recommend that. I don’t think it has that much replayability since you loose all of your hardearned skills when starting a new game, but normal mode was great nonetheless. I am usually not a big fan of sidescrollers, but this one really got to me.

Helldivers. So. much. fun. I have played this game over 100 hours. Mostly with my husband though. The game is great wether you solo or play with others.

The walking dead series from telltale. Amazingly well put together. If you like the tv-show you should consider this.

Metro Redux. Here you get your AAA graphics at an affordable price. I’m not that long into the game yet though. I think I’ve only played it 6 hours, but it’s only because I got caught up with Guacamele.