Witcher 3 Is Simple, Making it Simply Amazing

It’s funny, Witcher 3’s setting is actually kind of simple, given the breadth of fantasy out there. There are no monsters you haven’t seen before, the magic system’s pretty straightforward, there are few quirks and rules.

But I do agree that the writing is far beyond any other video games and I think it’s because, where every other game says “what you do matters,” Witcher actually means it.

Where other RPGs have basic morality meters that don’t do much except decide which faction you join, what powers you get or who you bang, Witcher just has you make decisions and live with the consequences. There are no neutral choices to maintain balance. Everything you do has a purpose.

Plus, as it turns out, an entire game based on relationships between compelling characters is way more interesting than saving the world from Baddy McBadface for the billionth time.

It also has incredible music.

Ladies of the Woods, Lazare, You’re… Immortal, and O’Dimm’s theme (the main theme of HoS) each have a particular intensity to them and sound utterly haunting – qualities that I find absolutely perfect for the Witcher universe as a whole.

Getting Percival to collaborate on music for this game was by far one of the best artistic decisions CDProjekt Red could have made. It’s so utterly difficult for me to dissociate their sound from this universe now that playing the previous games without their lyrics feels wrong now.

If I had to choose a winner out of all of those songs, Ladies of the Woods all the way.

I liked some of Assassins of Kings’ tracks more than Wild Hunt’s music, but I don’t think I have seen an RPG game use and implement music better than this game.

The entire sountrack is exceptional, but the way its used makes it stand out even more.

  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Aen Sidhe
  • Spikeroog
  • Kaer Korhen
  • Steel for Humans
  • All Gwent tracks